Dreamy Landscapes 

          Dreamy Landscapes 

I studied art in New York City.  I have been working as a professional artist and as a designer since 1992. I had the privilege to teach interior design and work as a designer for many years.  Through design is how I developed my skills as a watercolorist.  Many of my artwork to include murals, acrylic paintings, portraits, watercolors, and custom furniture was sold by Ms. Rena Dallas; an amazing talented interior designer in Virginia Beach.  Most of my work is privately owned. 

I’m an art teacher in the Bronx, New York.  Presently, my preferred medium is watercolors. I'm very comfortable with watercolors.   I am in the path of pushing myself to explore watercolor to its full potential.  I paint mainly from memory.  My landscapes are dreamy and colorful.  I love color and I'm not shy using a full palette.  

I would like to share with you my artwork and my thoughts about art.  As I venture into a new series of mystery within landscapes; my desire is to collaborate with you in creating art through the wonderful medium of watercolor. 

Let’s explore!

As an artist, what do I believe in?  

  • In perfection; unattainable, illusive, playful.
  • In purity of mind; speckled by life experiences and curiosity.
  • In knowledge; a cocktail of truths and lies.
  • In what is; which isn’t once probed. 
  • In people; fractioned passerby’s revealing their unknown self to others.  
  • in normalcy; as defined by societal averages; as defined by cultural groups.